When life is in heavy 🍋 load, I have learned to scale back and keep things simple.

🌿Pray more.
🌿Get more rest.
🌿Spend more time in the Word.
🌿Worship more.
🌿Say no to keep my load lighter when I am already feeling its weight, also known as reinforcing my boundaries.
🌿Pray about it, whatever it is, more.
🌿Listen more to Holy Spirit.
🌿Keep things close so I don’t spread negativity, but only share with those who need to know.
🌿Limit my time one on one ministering until I know I have the green light to move forward.
🌿Keep my inner life in check.
🌿Up my natural foods eating, and take the supplements my body needs to help it function as best it can when I am under stress and feel like I am in a juice press!
🌿Go for a walk or break when I need to burn off some steam.
🌿Laugh, smile when I see something funny.
🌿Snuggle with my cats when I can.
🌿If someone else can do it, let them. It’s okay to say no when you need to. Limiting extra avoidable stress is always recommended!

What would you add to this list?


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2 thoughts on “Keeping it simple when life is in 🍋 mode

  1. Laura says:

    Go and encourage someone else with a phone call, a note, an E-card. These days reaching out to others. Is do appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karla Lees says:

      Great suggestions! Someone I know likes to record a voice memo and send it to a friend who needs a kind word so they can hear their voice.


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