Sonday – Eph 6:15

“Stand on your feet alert, then you’ll always be ready to share the blessings of peace.”

(Ephesians 6:15 TPT)

This verse is one which didn’t always make sense to me when looking at the spiritual armor we have been given by God to wear each day.  And then one day, it did.

If we aren’t ready for action, we won’t move forward when the need arises. Being caught off guard steals our peace.

We are to be always alert and on call for God’s call to action, so we can share the peace He fills is with as we step out in obedience.

I stepped out a few weeks ago and lead worship, knowing that there might be some kickback from the enemy because of it. But I wasn’t fully aware of what direction it might come in. So when the kickback hit, I was more than a bit taken aback. My peace was almost rattled out of me by the shock.

But it wasn’t, because my peace isn’t dependent upon my circumstances, but my God.

Coz friend? God wasn’t blindsided like I was. He started some things a-rolling which have led me to press in deeper into Him, and start to see good come out of what the enemy intended for evil.

I had to hold fast and let God move as I stayed tight in His embrace, resting in His peace.
Knowing that another battle will always be ahead, but the God of Angel Armies is more than ready to go to battle on my behalf, yet also keep me close under His protection of Peace & Presence as His daughter.

Who do you know who needs that reminder of the blessing of Peace in their live? If you aren’t sure, stand ready for His prompt to share the good news when the person comes who needs to hear that Peace is a person, who wants to get to know them, bless them & protect them.

#sharingHope #Sonday

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