Let “It” Go – Say bye-bye to worry!

➡️Not sure how to get rid of WORRY in your life? This prayer is for you, too!

🙏God, thank You for the promise that I am never alone, no matter what I am facing or feeling.

🙄Help me to look up & seek Your face when worry tries to knot me up and draw my focus within.

🐦You remind me that You provide for the birds and the wildflowers, and I need not worry about what to eat, drink or wear. You are Provider, and have never not provided for me so far when I have a need.

🪖You reassure me that when I find myself in a worrisome battle, that You are fighting for me. I can rest in the refuge of Your Presence.

😐Bye bye worry. I have entertained you as an unexpected, unwelcome guest for too long. No more. In Jesus’ name, head to the foot of the cross for Him to judge you. I refuse to partner with you any longer. Jesus, would You replace the spot where worry used to linger with Your peace, and a reassurance that:

🕊️You are always with me.
💌Your love is constant for me.
✔️Your plans are for my good and will come to pass.
🫂 I am always welcome to draw near to You.

#letitgo #worrybegone #sharingHope

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