Let “It” Go – The Victory is His

VICTORY. To overcome, win, battle triumphantly.

In my case, the battlefield has been about 25% physically, 75% mentally. Both of which affect me 💯 emotionally.

When Covid-19 hit, I was already due to have what was to be a minor surgery. Within 4 months, it became a major one. Which is still likely a year at least from being scheduled, let alone being over and done with.

Initially it was hard not to feel like a victim of circumstances, until I started seeing things from a Kingdom perspective.

If Covid hasn’t hit, I wouldn’t be working like I am now, which is much better for me physically and mentally. I wouldn’t have taken the time to work through how I was really feeling, and would still be moving in a ‘woe is me’ victim mindset.

How did my mindset change from victim to Victor?

For me, it took root years ago when I was molested. And the victim mindset continued to grow with every unkind classmate teacher or boss along the way. It came to a head when I met Jesus, and someone took the time to explain that when we partner with something internally, it can modify how we see things in the physical realm. They also explained that there is a spiritual realm, and how we are to take every thought captive, and filter it through the Word.
As His daughter, I am part of His family. And the Word says God is the ultimate Victor over all things.

There are many view points out there about Covid, and not all of them are truth.

As a Christian, my part is to seek wisdom from the Word & wise counselors, and then bring whatever I am concerned about to God in prayer for His perspective.

It took me over a year to decide to get vaccinated, and I refuse to be victimized by anyone else’s view point on my decision. Likewise, I refuse to make anyone else feel less than for their decision not to be vaccinated. This isn’t a doctrinal decision but a medical one for me.

That to me is true victory. Following His lead, and loving others as they do the same.

Will the enemy try to use this for his gain? Yes. But God has assured us His is the victory. So I refuse to partner again with a victim spirit, and align myself with the ultimate Victor – Jesus. 🙌

#letitgo #victimtovictor

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