Let “It” Go – Fear


The first time I read 1 Corinthians 16:14, I thought to myself, ‘Really?!’ And dismissed it.

Then I grew to realize that everything we do has a driving force behind it.

More often than I like to admit, that for me has been fear.

➡️Fear of opinion.
➡️Fear of failing.
➡️Fear of being left out.

There is another verse that God has been using to remind me of just how powerful love truly is.

💙”Perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)

Which is why I always feel calmer and more loved when I draw close to the Father, for His love pushes out ALL fear in its wake.

Everything He does is motivated from a heart of true love.

Not fear.

So this week, I am focusing on asking myself before every decision, “Am I choosing to do this out of love, or something else?” And if the answer is yes to anything but love, I am letting it go, and realigning myself within to respond and act out of love.

Do I always want to? Umm, no.

But as Bob Goff so eloquently puts it in his book ‘Love Does,’ it’s those with the greatest love that make the deepest impact upon our lives, for they change us for the better.

And because Jesus has such a great love for me, I can choose to be more like Him in how I interact with those around me. Because He always acts & responds to me out of love.

May love be the motivation behind all we do, friends. And bit by bit, the more we capture every thought, the more we can choose to live out of love, like God does.

#letitgo #fear #chooseloveinstead

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