This topic is one that matters a great deal to me for many reasons.

I have now experienced two episodes of mild depression following periods of extreme stress & loss. I am currently in my 2nd one.

One of my best friends in high school attempted suicide by overdose. I was the one who brought her to our school counselor & the hospital for help. I am so grateful she is still here.

One of my boyfriend’s best friends unexpectedly died by suicide that same year. It was a huge blow to our community.

My husband’s family have battled with mental health disorders, in particular anxiety & OCD. His younger sibling died by suicide, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts & family.

My husband is in an exceptionally high stressed job nursing palliative patients& helping their families along that difficult road.

I realized after taking my regular first aid this past spring that I needed more in my tool box to better help those around me.

A few family members & coworkers are coping with anxiety, and I needed me to be more equipped & strategic in how I support them.

For part of my personality is to help fix it. What I have come to realize is unless the person wants to recover/move forward, they won’t – no matter how much I desire to help them.

God reminds us in 2 Timothy 1:7 that He doesn’t give us a spirit of fear, but Holy Spirit who gives us power, love, self control and a sound mind.

We are able to overcome with His help, but we often need supportive people and systems about us to do so.

And that is common, friend.

If you are struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, worry – I see you. I get you. I am you.

Often fear likes to work its way deep within our minds and speak negatively to us.

Sometimes, which it was on my case, my vitamins & hormones were out of whack, and needed balancing in order for my moods to improve physically.
But I also needed people to talk to, a bit of mediation, a change in diet & suppliments, more exercise & sleep in order to regain my mental wellness.

And that is okay, friend.

Need to talk? I am here to listen. Because you matter, just as you are! I want to you stay & live. Let’s talk. ☕


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