👀Looking Back at the Past

Unlike our rearview mirrors, which were designed to help us be aware of what is behind us while we are in our vehicles, our past is not meant to be continuously focused on in our daily lives.

Our past in God’s sight?

➡️In our past. History, to be left there unless He wants to heal something from it as a part of His Story in us. In which case, it becomes something new in our present as He restores us.

Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. I am doing something brand new, something unheard of.

(Isaiah 43:19-19a TPT)

So if the enemy keeps pulling out his rearview mirror and tried to catch your vision?

➡️Turn away.
➡️Look to God.
➡️Ask for His perspective.
➡️Repeat as necessary.

Friend, this will become more of a positive habit in your life when you stop getting distracted by the past.

You don’t live there anymore.

The emotions that try to suck you back under are meant to remain in the past where they belong.

But you are living here, in this moment where you are now part of His family. The best is yet to come, for He promises His constant presence, His forever love, & an eternal home in our future.

Its time to look ahead into His face, remain in His embrace, and run the race He has set for us while He cheers us on!

If you find yourself stuck in a moment in the past, ask God to meet you there, to shine His light on the situation and show you the way out. He has done so for many people, me included, and as His character doesn’t change – He’ll do it again if you ask Him!

#letitgo #parkinginthepast

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