written by Amanda Cook, Jason Ingram & Paul Maybury

🎶”You make all things new.
You make all things new.

You turn the bitter into sweet, the bitter into sweet, the bitter into sweet.

You turn the winter into spring, the winter into spring, the winter into spring.”🎵

Once in a while, a simple song comes along that shakes me to the core. 

This song has come to mind so many times since I memorized it when it was first released, and Holy Spirit continues to minister to me through it.

He makes ALL THINGS new.

Both you & I are included in that promise, friend.

🌿That winter season? Spring is coming.

🌿That bitter situation? He will make it sweet.

🌿That cocoon of a waiting period? Transformation is ahead.

🌿That seed of faith you sowed? Growth is on its way.

📖His Word never returns void. Yesterday’s verse from Isaiah is as true today as when God first spoke it to Isaiah so many generations ago. For He never changes, friend. He WILL make things new, regardless of your past, season of waiting, or current situation.

➡️Add this song to your Spotify, Apple or You Tube playlist, and allow your spirit to start to soar within as you declare His promise over your life.

🎦 https://youtu.be/zyDXYAMiMuM

💿Brave New World

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#trust #christian #blogger #letfaitharise#hoperestored #hopefortheharddays

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