Many times over the years, God has showed Himself faithful in ways I could not have known were coming until I encountered Him in the midst of the storm or season I was facing.

He faithfully heard me out when I was overwhelmed with the possibility of facing cancer on top of the long wait for surgery (coming up on two year soon) and walking alongside family members and friends facing their own difficulties.

God gracefully reminded and reassured me daily, sometimes moment by moment, that He would faithfully walk beside me through this season.

And He has.
And He does.
And He will continue to do so.

Because He never changes, I can hold onto Him through any storm – no matter the drama, situation, or timing. For He is constantly there, even if I can’t sense Him.

So I will continue to sing the song below at the top of my lungs, over and over, for His promises to me have always been Yes & Amen.

So I will claim victory over the battle even through I am still in one of its skirmishes!

💕YES & AMEN🔥 by Housefires

🎵Father of kindness, You have poured out of grace. You brought me out of darkness, You have filled me with peace. Giver of mercy, You’re my help in time of need. Lord I can’t help but sing…

Faithful, You are. Faithful, forever, You will be. Faithful, You are!
All Your promises are Yes and Amen. All Your promises are Yes and Amen!

Beautiful Saviour, You have brought me here. You pulled me from the ashes, You have broken every curse. Blessed Redeemer, You have set this captive free. Lord I can’t help but sing…

Repeat Chorus twice.

I will rest in Your promises.
My confidence is Your faithfulness.

Repeat Chorus. 🎶

WATCH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/EI22G5YpVds

#sharingHope #faithfulYouare #singanewpsalm #worshipHymn #hopefortheharddays

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