🌿R e c e i v e 🌼

When we encounter a Word (such as Philippians 1:6 I will be chatting about this week) we are meant to RECEIVE it.

🍂Not just read it.
🍃Not just hear it.
🍁Not just see it.

More than the momentary blip with our physical senses, we are to meant to ignite our spirit with those Words. To take them deep within, to plant them as Truth to be watered, fed & nurtured.

To receive something is a skill many of us never learned to do gracefully. I know that is true in my life at times!

However, we serve the God who is constantly giving good gifts to those He loves, you & I!

And I don’t know about you, but that makes me look at the Bible a little differently this morning.

That the Giver is awakening a Word for me to receive whenever I open my Bible? A thunderbolt of wisdom, a balm of healing, a breath of newness, a hope for the future, an answer to my situation, a guide for my path? A gift waiting to be unwrapped, over and over again?!

Here I am, God.

I am ready to receive all You have for me in today’s verse.
Holy Spirit, help me see that which I am to take to heart and welcome within me right now.

I RECEIVE by @vineyardworship

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