🌿R e s t ☕


A word most of us flirt with regularly, but never take to heart.

Scotty Smith reminded me that i need to rest in the truth when I read a verse like Philippians 1:6.

Such as:
🌱God is with me. Coz you don’t continue on with someone you aren’t invested in.
🌱 God will complete the work He is doing in me. Fully.
🌱Jesus is coming again.

So my part when I take in a verse like this is to rest in the truth it reveals.

☕I am never alone.
☕God will finish the work He started within me.
☕Jesus is coming again.

So I can allow this verse (and so many others) to take root within, and cause a garden of rest to unfurl as I accept the Word.

🌿Resting in who He says He is,
🌿that He is constant & ever present, and
🌿He is in control of the future while walking beside me in the present.

So I say no to anxiety or restlessness, and yes to resting in faith.

May Your truth continue to soak deep within this willing vessel, and make something beautiful and unexpected out of me.

Kind of like coffee beans. Coz who knew within those coffee cherries that such a taste & aroma could arise?! 🙌☕

🎶REST IN ME🎵 by @cecewinans
#sharingHope #faith #blogger #Christian #writer #devotion #biblestudy #truthseeker #hopefortheharddays

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