🌿R e t u r n🌼

The last part of Scotty Smith’s tweet holds this powerful reminder.

After we have received, rested and rejoiced…

➡️Return to give thanks.

Not just on Thanksgiving, but each and every day, each moment we can.

🙏Through prayer,
🙌with praise,
💕in His Presence.

🌿Give Him thanks for all He has done.
🌿Give Him thanks for who He is.
🌿Give Him thanks for His ever constant presence.
🌿Give Him thanks for making you His.
🌿Give Him thanks for the roof over your head, clothes on your back, food & drink in your tummy.
🌿Give Him thanks for the skills He has gifted you with.
🌿Give Him thanks for the loved ones He has blessed you with – family, friends, bosses coworkers, neighbours.

What will you give Him thanks for today?

🎶I’LL GIVE THANKS🎵 by @house_fires with @kirbykaple


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