🌿W i d e O p e n S p a c e s

As I have been taking a closer look at Matthew 6:25-31, I have come to realize that worry, or fussing as the Message translates it, is designed to undermine our trust in who God says He is as our provider.

🌿Years ago, I was given a word that God would help me put the boundaries in place for me to live in the wide open space He had for me (Psalm 18:9).

I have come to realize of late that those boundaries were meant to be implemented within me. Taking every thought captive and filtering it through the Word. Ensuring that they line up with who He says He is.

And when they do, I somehow sense that wide open space within me, and can carry that peace & promise despite what might be going on around me.

🌿For me, that wide open space looks a lot like a field of lavender.

💜Well watered by worship
💜Well fed by the Word
💜Well tended by His loving hands
💜Fragrant with His Presence

So like the wildflowers, and the sparrows, I can trust that my Provider always has me on his sights, and all my needs – what I eat, drink or wear- will be met.

I can be careless in His care as I trust Him to provide.


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