🌿 COME 🔑

No matter what is going on in my life or yours, we have an open invitation, 24/7, every day for the rest of our lives to spend time with God.

🌿C O M E🔑

The door is wide open because of Jesus. The invitation is spreading far and wide thanks to Holy Spirit. The Father is waiting inside for you to come.

And this invitation is for all of us to come. Just as we are.

Hurt, mad, broken, sad.
Messed up by our choices, and others decisions. Whether we think we are worthy to approach or not.

There is nothing you have done He isn’t already aware of, or that will deny you entrance if you really want to come.

His love not only made the way, but is the Way. The way to living a life with His love, guidance and constant presence as He helps us through whatever we face and makes us new through it all.

🔑The key is to come.

🌿Stop hiding. Just like in the garden of Eden, He already knew. Just like the woman by the well, He already knew. But His love is so great for us that He extends hope and a good future to each of us who takes Him up on the invitation to come.

Even if you are so emotionally drained or brokenhearted all you can say, “I’m here, God.” That’s all it takes.

Even if the worry or anxiety is so high that you can’t get any words out, but have a bucket of freshly cried tears to offer. He’ll receive them.

💕His love is so great for you that He will always, every single time, take you as you are. Hand of help extended out, caring eyes looking to connect with yours, loving smile directed your way.


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