P S A L M  1 6 TPT: Part 1

Sometimes I can’t find the right words to express myself. Shocking as that sounds, it likely explains why I am such a voracious reader.

One of my favorite authors is David. The shepherd, the king, the sinner, the worshipper with no holding back, the songwriter. Because I can relate to him, I find myself drawn to his work, and this Psalm is one of my faves.

For David lives in the heights of the highlands, the depths of heartache and everything in between. Just like you and I.

(And I love Psalm 16 in the Passion Translation, for it reads like I think and speak!)

🌿My Protection (vs 1-4)

Keep me safe, O mighty God. I run to You, my safe place.
I said to Yahweh, “You are my Maker and my Master. Any good thing You find in me has come from You.”

And He said to me, “My holy lovers in the land are my glorious ones, who fulfill all my desires.” Yet there are those who yield to their weakness, and they will have troubles unending. I never gather with such ones, nor give them honor in any way.

🌿My Portion (vs 5-6)

Yahweh, You alone are my inheritance.You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion. You hold my destiny and its timing in your hands. Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places. I’m overwhelmed by the privileges that come with following You!


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