Noel – come and see…

Made by me on Canva

This Christmas, I have been captivated by the depths of one song in particular. So much so, I plan on unpacking it each day to share the good news it holds. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman & Ed Cash wrote this amazing song, with Lauren Daigle bringing it to life with her stunning vocals.

🎍N O E L ❤️

“Love incarnate, love divine. Star and angels gave the sign. Bow to babe on bended knee, the Savior of humanity. Unto us a Child is born, He shall reign forevermore.

Chorus: Noel, Noel – Come and see what God has done. Noel, Noel -The story of amazing love! The light of the world, given for us – Noel!

Son of God and Son of man, there before the world began. Born to suffer, born to save, born to raise us from the grave. Christ the everlasting Lord, He shall reign forevermore.

Repeat Chorus twice to end.”

Watch it online here:

#sharingHope #comeandsee

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