Come and See: Elizabeth #ADVENTure

As we begin to take a peek at the Christmas story in Luke, we see that this story didn’t start with Mary, but rather her older cousin Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah.

Elizabeth and Zechariah were an older God serving couple who were childless. It is noted in the story that Elizabeth was barren. (How they knew that medically back then, I don’t know, but God through Luke felt it important for us to know that fact.) The inability to have children can be exceptionally painful to those who want to have them, so we can imagine the grief this couple, Elizabeth in particular, would likely have experienced.

Zechariah was a priest in their area, and drew the lot to head into the temple’s Holy of Holies to minister to God, something with didn’t happen very often. While performing this special duty, an angel named Gabriel suddenly shows up to tell Zechariah not to be afraid, and that God was blessing them with a son, whom they were to name John. He will not only be a delight to his parents, but will be filled with the Spirit, set apart as a Nazarite (no alcohol) and lead many to follow the coming Messiah.

Zechariah responded with a “How, we’re too old?!?!” followed by a request for a sign. Gabriel informed him that because of his unbelief, he will not be able to speak until the child was born – the sign that what Gabriel spoke to him would indeed going to come to pass. The remainder of his time serving at the temple, Zechariah was unable to speak, and caused quite the stir. He then headed home…

And in a few short lines, we see the contrast with how Elizabeth responds (after the dot dot dot 😉)

“Soon afterward his wife, Elizabeth, became pregnant and went into seclusion for the next five months. With joy she exclaimed, “See how kind it is of God to gaze upon me and take away the disgrace of my barrenness!”

Luke 1:24-25 TPT

One parent responded with doubt, the other with delight! Yet God blessed them both by supernaturally opening Elizabeth’s womb to carry John, and replace her disgrace with extreme joy!

We will see a bit more about Elizabeth as the Christmas story continues to unfold. Stay tuned!

#comeandsee #ADVENTure #sharingHope

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