Come & See: Mary

In Elizabeth’s 6 month of pregnancy (the miracle we read about yesterday as we began reading Luke 1) the Christmas story makes another unexpected stop with a young betrothed girl named Mary. (In those days, ages 14-15 was common for a girl to become engaged/married.)

Gabriel, the same angel who brought the good news of their child’s coming birth to Zechariah & Elizabeth was sent to Mary, and suddenly showed up saying,

Rejoice, beloved young woman, for the Lord is with you and you are anointed with great favor.” (vs 28)

(I dunno about you, but I would be more than a little fearful & stunned at what such an angelic greeting like that would mean for me, so I can relate to Mary being troubled in response!)

Gabriel then reassures her she need not fear, for God has take great delight in her & has chosen her to bear His son, to be called Jesus. The Son of David Israel has been waiting for, who will reign forever!

It should be noted here that somehow when Mary says, “How could this happen, for I am still a virgin?” she is not doubting that God can do so. Her belief in Him is not in question. I think she is curious about how this is going to look, and Gabriel goes on to inform her the Holy Spirit will supernaturally come upon her, and that her cousin Elizabeth and Zechariah also have a miracle on the way.

Mary’s response to this further revelation confirms for me God knew what He was doing when He chose her as His son’s mother:

Then Mary responded, saying, “Yes! I will be a mother for the Lord! As His servant, I accept whatever He has for me. May everything you have told me come to pass.” (vs 38)

This daughter’s belief in her God accepted that as His beloved, she would willingly follow the way He had for her to go. Even though she would have instantly known this was not going to go well from an earthly perspective once things became obvious….

(Notice in this account, there is no reference to Joseph, other than the fact that she was engaged to him, a true descendant of Kind David.)

This ADVENTure is starting to get interesting, isn’t it, friend? Stay tuned for more tomorrow! 😉

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