COME & SEE: Elizabeth & Mary

The first thing Mary does after the angel informs her she is to supernaturally carry the Messiah is to head to her cousin Elizabeth’s. (Luke 1 continued).

Not what you would have expected either, right?!

But here is why I think she did. Mary had heard (coz news like an older woman getting pregnant after decades of infertility would have spread like wildfire…) Elizabeth was experiencing a miracle, and she wanted to tell someone who wouldn’t think she was crazy.

Because at this point, the baby Mary now carries is only a few weeks along.

When Mary arrives and greets her cousin, something miraculous happens.

Baby John jolts in Elizabeth’s womb at the sound of Mary’s voice, and Holy Spirit comes upon Elizabeth – telling her that Mary is the mother of the coming Messiah!

Other than saying hello to Elizabeth, it appears from Luke 1 that Mary told no one what was going on before hightailing it to her cousin’s.

Mary breaks into a magnificent song praising God at the knowledge that God is in control and on the move for His people!

And then it seems Mary stays 3 months, until John is born and Zechariah regains his voice to join in praising God for what He was doing!

šŸ™Lord, even though the days seem dark and dreary right now, may I continue to look with wonder at all the ways You were, and are, moving behind the scenes in the lives of Your people. Thank You for highlighting these verses anew to my heart, as I see the tapestry You were weaving as the time drew high for Jesus to arrive.

#comeandsee #ADVENTure

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