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As I have been reflecting upon the Advent story, I caught sight of something I hadn’t specifically noticed before, only in passing.

God came as a baby. Got that.

God folded Himself into human form, and so not only moved into our neighborhood but has…

  • Walked as we walked.
  • Experienced the feelings we do.
  • Cried when He was hungry or tired.
  • Laughed when He saw something funny.
  • Loved His mom & dads.
  • Been misunderstood, disliked, hated….

Jesus became as marvelously and miraculously human as each one of us does. He was knit within His mother’s womb and crafted by the Father, just like you and I.

And as we journey through what can seem like massive deserts of loneliness, valleys of loss and grief, roads that seem neverending, in pain like riding a camel for months on end with no relief in sight?

Jesus is with us as we go, and is at the end of our journey, both on earth and in heaven, cheering us on as He strengthens us to keep going.

The journey of faith in the New Testament was first seen in outsiders (not of Israel) in the journey of the wise men, these spiritual priests (TPT) from the East. Their journey was long, but they kept their sights on the star and the reward of meeting & worshiping the new King face to face.

Wise ones still seek Him, friend, in every step of the journey. Whether you are starting, weary from the walk or close to the end of the race, He is the whole point. The reason not only for the season, but why we are here.

To know Him & be known by Him.

The thrill for these foreigners was found in seeing that the very stars they were studying pointed the way, and then led them to their reward, the true Treasure.

So even though the bumpy ride might be causing your spirits to droop, keep your eyes on your why, friend. The Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper and Light in the darkness is present, and wants to be found by you. Keep pressing on. He is worth it.

#sharingHope #wiseonesstillseekHim #journeytotheKing

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