Missing aspects of community right now…

🌿What the Word & this New Year have been stirring within me this week goes beyond my studying the Word.

🥺I miss being in close knit community right now. I mean the kind where you randomly show up at your local coffee shop & meet a friend to chat as you sit over coffee in public kind of community. Where we aren’t afraid to spontaneously show up at one another’s homes because of a pandemic. Where face to face means live without face masks in public.

I am so thankful…
👩‍💼 that I have the connection of community where I work.
🤗That I have close friends who’ve got my back no matter what.
💖That I have family whom I treasure.
🙌That I have a mentor who has become such a blessing. 

🫂But I confess – I miss hugs and high fives almost as much as I miss seeing everyone’s face. 

😊And that reminds me that as I seek His face through the Word, prayer & worship, He will be found. 

🎉Just as this pandemic will end, His faithfulness and presence will never end. 

➡️It’s okay to grieve what has been lost, but to do so through the eyes of Hope when we follow Him. For God intimately understand community (three in one, the Body) and knows that many of us are hurting over the loss of some of what we used to take for granted. 

🙏Restore our communities, God. Despite the separation Zoom can cause, and the not fully complete personal connections made through texts & emails. Help us to not just survive this season, but to thrive during it.

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