Worthy Of It All

When I think about how all people, and all of creation were made by our Creator God, planned out in their collective mind – Father, Son & Spirit – my mind gets a little more blown as I ponder the depths of His works. Of which I, and you, are a part! This worship song shares those emotions of awe, wonder, praise & adoration, and the knowledge that God is the Maker of all things – all rolled into one.


All the saints and angels,
They bow before Your throne.
All the elders cast their crowns
Before the Lamb of God & sing

You are worthy of it all,
You’re worthy of it all.
For from You are all things
And to You are all things
You deserve the glory.

Day and night,
night and day,
let incense arise x4

I exalt Thee x3
O Lord.”

📹My fave video version by Bethel Music with Bethany Wohrle –

🎶Song written by David Bruner & Ryan Hall

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