Take that first step

Now more than ever, we need to keep the lines of communication open.

💬With one another.
💬With God.
💬With ourselves.

➡️It’s okay to admit that something is off within us, and to ask for help.

As someone who has suffered from over the years with depression, panic attacks, 2 concussions, 5 car accidents, sudden job losses, and currently seasonal affective disorder while awaiting major surgery, being honest with myself and asking for help has become essential in order to take care of myself.

✔️Friend, you matter.
✔️What matters to you matters.
✔️You are irreplaceable, and as such should treat yourself as the treasure you are.

🫂If you are hurting, lonely or grieving? Those around you will support you, but they need you to speak up and let them in to help.

➡️Mental wellness starts off with one step of bravery, but continues in a circle of support.

👟Take the first step.
💬Tell someone you trust what’s going on within you, & that you need help right now.
🫂Then let them help you.

⛑️Help might look like ✔️counseling
✔️blood work to check your vitamin, iron, magnesium levels
✔️Changing your bedtime to get more sleep
✔️Light therapy
✔️A daily walk with a friend

Let’s start talking, friend.

I’m listening.

You’re worth it.


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