Practicing the Presence (before getting out of bed) Daily Prayer

🫂God, would You hang out with me today?  In the quiet, in the hustle, in all the moments in between?
🙏Can I give You my day before I get out of bed & the clock starts, and ask You to meet me throughout it?
👂Will You speak to me when I wait for Your direction, and give me the proper action for the situation at hand?
📖Would You highlight the words You want me to see in Your Word, and lead me to the 🎵songs to reinforce what You are teaching me?
💕Might You give me glimpses into Your heart for others, and the right words to share when I need them?
💌Reassure me that I don’t ever walk alone through any moment, ever.
💬Let’s keep talking with one another, God, as we journey through this day together.

#honestprayers #faithwalk #sharingHope #practicethepresenceofGod

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