Hey. I don’t know about you, but I am needing to focus more on my blessings with less focus on stressors these days. I have been doing a lot of reflection thesh past few weeks, and realized a few things about myself.

😉1. It’s okay to like myself as a Bitmoji better than a selfie. (Way less stress on bad hair days!)

💌2. I can take better care of myself without feeling guilty. A daily coffee, reading, singing, laughing, cat cuddles, doodling & creating are needed in order for me to feel ‘myself.’

🫂3. Its good to hold on tight to my family and friends when I see them. Daily expressing love is good for our relationships, and health!

⏳4. I am allowed to change my mind about things as I learn more about myself. Welcome to my fave colors list, lavender/lilac! See ya outdoors only, forest green.

💤5. It’s good for me to be an early 🐦 as long as I get my 7.5/8 hrs sleep the night before. (Unless Team Canada is playing at the Olympics!!)

➡️What have you been learning about yourself lately?

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