🎶Hold You Tight

🎶HOLD YOU TIGHT🫂 by Dan Bremnes

You walk, you run
You climb, and you fall again
You crawl, you fight
You break apart tonight
But I Am the voice
that keeps on calling out to you
Lighting up the dark
I turn chaos into art

So if you’re falling under
If you’re letting go…

Don’t you worry tonight
I will hold you
Don’t you worry my child
I will stay by your side
In the middle of it
In the middle of it
I will hold you, hold you
Hold you tight

You hope, you dream
You chase, you plead
A story in these scars
Are never gone
And you’re lost and found
I’m here and now..

And underneath these stars
I see just who you are.

Repeat Chorus

#liveHeld #singanewpsalm #sharingHope

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