When fear comes a knocking and your knees start a shaking like Piglet

Photo via Unsplash

This vintage book was an eye opening one for me as a child. The special friendship between Pooh Bear & Piglet taught me that holding on tight to one another when we are scared or frightened can help us make it through.

Things are not quite as scary when we have a loved one beside us.

And friend? The truth is, we are not alone.
Never ever.

For God is right there with us:
🫂 to hold us close when we are frightened
🫂 hold us tightly through a stormy situation, and
🫂 hold us forever in His heart.

So when fear comes a-knocking and our knees start a shaking, our voice starts saying “oh dear” like Piglet, tell the storm that God’s got you, and He isn’t going to let you go. So fear has to go, for fear & God can’t occupy the same space! 🙌

#liveHeld #sharingHope

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