What the world needs now…

I admit that I have hidden myself away more than I should have over the years. When instead of offering a smile, I kept my eyes on a book or my phone, especially if I didn’t know you.

Because a smile is an invitation:
✔️To connect
✔️To be seen
✔️To be known

When my son was in primary, he was blessed with a teacher especially gifted with connection. She had a class of 25 kiddos who each thought they were her favorite. Because she treated each of them as if they were!

She modelled Jesus to me in a way I could not have grasped had I not encountered her.

Soon after, I started working at a main stream coffee shop, where I began to put this way of treating people into practice.
I soon had 1000 favorite customers, many of whom will still say hi if we meet around town or in the mall, 10 years later. I still do this in my workplaces today.

Jesus not only saw people, He purposefully encountered them in ways which left them changed for the better.

💌The many lepers He healed.
💌The Samaritan woman.
💌The lame man lowered from the roof into an event.
💌Mary, Martha & Lazarus.
💌The adulterous woman.
💌The crowds He feed with only one or two ingredients.
💌The woman with the bleeding disorder.
And so many more….

Jesus made a point of acknowledging people who were outcasts – unseen and unwanted ones in every community He went to.

As His hands and feet to those who are hurting, lonely, broken and often overseen around us, we are challenged by His example to do the same.

🌿To feed the hungry, whether in body or spirit.
🌿To comfort the mourners, whether through a death, loss or divorce.
🌿To offer a listening ear to those often unheard .
🌿To acknowledge those usually unseen.
🌿To pray for everyone we can.
🌿To be a blessing to all, even if it’s just a smile.

For how many of us need the reminder that we are made in His image, handcrafted with care, shaped on purpose, for a purpose?

And if those of us who are His kids often feel this way, how much more do those who don’t yet know His love likely feel the same?

🙂So let’s smile, sister.
👀Look someone in the eye, brother.
🖐️Offer a helping hand as He leads you, friend.

📸: selfie 😉

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