🎵So Good🎶

🎶”In the flash of a moment when everything changes if you’re not holding on tight, it can be dangerous. The heart is like glass, fragile to break and you can feel strong until you lose all your strength.

(CHORUS) And I will remind my soul, hang on and don’t let go. It’s always dark before the light starts to shine.Down in the valley low, there’s still a greater hope. He’s always in control, He’s always good.

Nothing’s for certain, chaos can happen. But there is a peace that’s beyond understanding. I can sing in the storm, find songs in the fire. I see every chain break when I run to the Father, oh yes.

(Repeat Chorus)

My God is good, good, so good – that will never change. My God is good, good, so good, pain won’t steal my praise. (Repeat)”🎵

🌸SO GOOD by Rita Springer with Chris McClarney

🎥: https://youtu.be/VZwyeQSQlTo


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