Rhythms of rest

Last Thursday, I had a medical appointment which although made hysterically funny when my cat crying ringtone went off at both the worst & best time of my pelvic exam 🤪🤣 was exceptionally uncomfortable as I draw closer to my surgery date (yay!)

Friday I was up on my feet from dawn til bed time. Saturday I unexpectedly did the same. And my body rose up to say, “Rest me, please.”

Sunday was a more rest filled day, but I again unexpectedly had a fuller Monday than intended yesterday, and as I went to bed last night with a headache, God whispered a reminder to rest myself up now so I can recover better post surgery.

Because running like that chicken isn’t good for me. Never has been, never will be. And I am not the Energizer bunny, nor quite as physically youthful as I used to me, no matter how I try to ignore that fact. (I still have my flexibility, sense of humor & ability to recall 80s song lyrics, so not all has been lost!)

➡️So I am intentionally limiting my day to three things. No more than 2 work & 1 fun shifts allowed in my weekday schedule, and 1 work, 1 errand & 1 fun shift on each weekend day as I sense He is leading me to do so.

🌿Jesus taught us that when we follow Him as He guides, we will experience rest. Not just have restful moments, but a real rest. One which helps recover one’s life. One where grace flows as we no longer carry burdens we were never meant to carry in the first place. A rest which ministers to us physically (tired), mentally & emotionally (worn out) and spiritually (religious burn out).


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