Come, find rest

Come, find rest.

How that invitation speaks to me in the deepest recesses within me when I stop long enough to hear Him calling.

I recently heard a song called by the same three words which wrecked me (in a good way!) when I heard it.

May we all come & find rest for our weary, broken & sheer worn out selves from the One who sustains, restores & loves up on those who come to Him.

by Gateway Worship
Written by David Mwonga, Levi Smith

Are you heavy laden
Are you broken-hearted
Come find rest in Jesus Christ.
Are you sick and tired
of worrying the day away
Come find rest in Jesus Christ.

Lay your burden down
Lay your burden down
Lay your burden down
At the feet of Jesus

Lost in heaven’s eyes
Dancing with You face to face
I found rest in Jesus Christ.
All your sins are scattered
Further than the farthest east
You’ll find rest in Jesus Christ.

There’s beauty for ashes
Hope in the darkness
Grace for the broken heart
There’s joy in the mourning
Rest for the weary
Comfort through every trial

There’s peace for the restless
Bread for the hungry
In You I’m satisfied
The cross for our burden
The grave for our failure
Heaven is open wide


#restinHim #singanewpsalm

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