when God gives you an image to help you battle the enemy

Part of my usual mental battle is holding tight to the belief that God is not only for me, but has good things in store for me.

This verse has actually made more sense when I took a look around a recent trip to a warehouse store I shop at each month.

God has aisles of goodness stored up just waiting to give to us here on earth in His timing. Blessings towards living, not just when we get to heaven. Infinite resources, released with one word from the One who loves each of us so.

This visual reminder is now a go to in my weaponry as I battle. Thankful for that image, but more importantly the truth that He showed me.

🌿God is always for me.
🌿Present with me.
🌿Above, beside, before & behind me.
🌿Loving me.
🌿Forgiving me.
🌿Restoring me.
🌿Strengthening me.
🌿Equipping me.
🌿With good plans for my life.

Especially on the days when my mind is taking a bit more flack than usual.

Take that, enemy. 💣Gobsmacking you with His Word.

And then the peace which passes beyond comprehension begins to flow into my mind again.

Thank You, God!


PS. Amazing custom graphic of my 2022 verse made for me by @lindsaywondrousthings


1 thought on “when God gives you an image to help you battle the enemy”

  1. Thank you for this and wonder how she does this. I am praying about the 8 self published and 35 other children stories I have written and what to do with them. I also have done paintings too So prayingGod will send me direction. Thank you for you, Jane

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