fresh insight – pearl of great value

As a creative, I find that I need visual reminders of the Word to help reassure me of who I am. I used to think of the verses below only from the perspective of a human merchant. And then I realized that all the world’s jewels were created by God, and I am like the pearl in these verses.

Jesus gave up all He had – His very life – for me, a very precious, rare and exquisite pearl of great value! ☺️

🌿“Heaven’s kingdom realm is also like a jewel merchant in search of rare pearls. When he discovered one very precious and exquisite pearl, he immediately gave up all he had in exchange for it.” (Matthew 13:45-46 TPT)

This necklace visually reminds me that His kingdom is worth pursuing, just as He thought I was worth pursuing!

#sharingHope #pearlsofwisdom

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