Match, set, point in the battle

⚔️BATTLE. In Jewish, this word is usually the noun KRAV, which is pronouced ‘kayRAVh.’ Meaning: fight, combat, conflict, match or encounter. It’s also used to refer to a round of a sports match, such as boxing, judo, etc.

🗡️When I talk about winning a battle, it is with this word in mind. That I am, with God’s direction & help, defeating the enemy in an individual match or encounter.

For THE battle? That one belongs to the Lord, and it is His to fight.⚔️

🎉Match, set, point to me with His help in this recent round over the enemy, as I shared yesterday. Shame has lost its grip on me! I have invited God to move into the space formerly occupied by shame, & redecorate it as He sees fit. 💜

▶️STAND IN YOUR LOVE by @joshbaldwin is now loudly playing instead of the enemy’s shame soundtrack. 🙌

More 📖Words & 🎧worship songs to add to your battle gear coming this week!


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