Moving in faith with WONDER

🌿With WONDER is one of the ways I deliberately choose to move in faith through my days.

🐦Noticing the bird calls just before dawn.
🌄🌇Pausing to appreciate both the sunrise & sunset.
🗻Taking in the beauty of the flowers, trees, the water, the mountains, the rain & even fresh snowfall.
🌿💜Enjoying the smells of lavender, vanilla, fresh baking, my candles at night.
☕Savoring my morning coffee.
😁Watching people help, support & pray for each other. Especially when a smile breaks through the tears.
📖Highlighting & making notes as I spot something new or afresh in the Word.

🙌WONDERing at how intricate and marvelously this world, the Word and we are all purposefully made!

➡️What drops your jaw in wonder or sets your heart a fluttering with wonder?

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