My Provider

I often panic in the time crunch of a situation in motion or the unexpected crush of sudden emotion. 

Today’s verse reassures me that God will provide for my every need (Philippians 4:19). That He is my supply source for all the necessities He is ready & willing to provide for me.

Note that the verse pictured today says WILL. Not may, not possibly – WILL. His will is to provide for His children all that they need. Strength, healing, rest, provision.

Because He has chosen through Christ to make us His children, and what good father doesn’t want to meet their precious ones’ needs? (Matthew 7:11, Luke 11:13)

Today, friend, bring whatever you are needing to your heavenly Father in prayer. Spend time with Him, and let Him reassure you of His constant Presence, that He sees your every need & hurt, and He is waiting to provide as only He can.

As I draw closer to my surgery date, I am amazed at how He has been releasing provision in so many areas for me.  Through family, friends, the Church & my workplaces (and yes, the lines overlap with those words! 😁). Offering me support, prayers, rides to appointments, laughter & hugs when I need them most. 

Thank You God for revealing Yourself as my Provider this week. In every need, I declare You more than enough because of Who You are….

The God who sees.

The God who stays.

The God who provides.

🎵“So I will be content, in every circumstance for You are Jireh, and You are enough.”🎶

#sharingHope #jireh

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