🌬️ B r e a t h

🌬️BREATH. Which most of us, if we are honest, take for granted until we have difficulty making one. Catching our breath can happen due to a sudden shock, recalling a traumatic moment, or as a part of illness such as bronchitis, asthma and Covid-19. Without the ability to take one breath after another, our energy fades, our body begins to shut down, and if not resolved we can die.

🌬️The Jewish word for breath is RUACH, meaning “the breath of God.” If you recall, God literally shaped Adam out of the dust and breathed the breath of life into him, at which point Adam became a living being (Genesis 2:7)

🌬️That first breath for each of us when we enter this world is crucial, as it kick starts our lungs for the first time.

🌬️But more than just being air, the Greek word for breath, PNEUMA, also implies “spirit”. Acknowledging that our very breath is a gift from God, and somehow is more than just breathing in & out.

🌬️The next time you take a breath, consider the miracle you have been given of that very ability to breathe. Breath in, then breathe out your thanks.

🌬️This weekend, I needed an inhaler to help my lungs expand enough to take a complete breath. And let me tell you, when that fresh air expands your lungs to maximum again, there is a renewed, deep appreciation for the ability to breathe within my very spirit.  I am very thankful, indeed!

#sharinghope #breathofheaven #theairibreathe

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