Taking a closer look at things…

After a month of almost straight double shifts, our first out of town overnight guests in almost a decade & still only being 8.5 weeks post major surgery, things have been a little off kilter of late for me.

I am sensing God calling me into a new season, one where I can remain in what I call ‘a pleasant place’ hidden close by & within His embrace, regardless of the storms.

This quote by Patsy Clairmont was the catalyst God used to encourage me to make time to examine three of my favorite books of the Bible, and practically apply their collective wisdom in my life.

Psalm your heart, Proverbs your footsteps, and Philippians your faith.

Patsy Clairmont

Join me as I begin unpacking this quote on social media this month, friend. I pray God will meet both of us as we journey towards a deeper connection with Him!

#sharingHope #wisdomforlife

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