relax & trust

Even before I knew I needed You, You knew my need and laid Your love & very life on the line for me.

Once & for always, forever & ever, You showed us just how much You valued us by kicking sin in the gut & defeating death. Light defeated darkness, shining brightky across time and creation in a public, permanent display of Holy Love.

So when this day turns out to be exhausting, frustrating, stress full and I am desperate for a clean start? You reassure me You already won the battle, and have made a way though it for me into the victory awaiting me as I follow You.

Wide open space is up ahead. Even when I can’t yet see the way, Your promises remind me You’ve already prepared the path and You’re walking each step beside me.

So I am learning to relax & trust You when the fog and/or tears blur my vision, as I take You at Your Word and step out in patience & hope on these hard days. 


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