when the best action after a reaction is for me not to move into action

When I get upset or angry after being hurt, I used to immediately take action. And almost always made things worse.

God has been reminding me of late that He is a God of ACTION, and He is more than ABLE to not only comfort me, but battle for me as He actively involves Himself in whatever situation I invite Him into. 

So I have been learning to not impulsively act when I am hurting or pissed off, but to wait until I can talk the situation over with Him. For every time I do, He reveals something I wouldn’t otherwise have known, and actively directs me on how to respond.

I received an email a while ago which really upset me.  And my usual initial surge of upset indignation and irritation immediately swelled to full alert. But I didn’t let it out.

I gave it over to God, and waited for His direction. I went to a wiser person who was aware of the situation, and asked them to help me wait to respond until I heard from Him.

I have not needed to respond, actually. God took it out of my hands and highlighted the issues higher up the chain, where they needed to be addressed. GOD moved into action on my behalf, and removed me from the situation. Not how I would have initially handled it, but exactly how it needed to be dealt with.

As His daughter, I need to trust God will move into ACTION on my behalf for the best results for me.

My best weapon for defense is God as my offense.


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