Wherever I Go 🎶

🎵”Well I sweat in the heat of the battle and I fought through the dust & the shadows. Oh, You never left my side, never left my side, no. And I stood at the top of the world, I swam through the depths of my soul. No matter what I find, no matter what I find, oh. Drought or famine, high and low…

Chorus: Wherever I go – oh, You’re gonna find me there. Wherever I go – oh, You’re right beside me there. In the rising flame, even in the pouring rain, even in the flood, I’m safe oh oh oh. You go wherever I go, wherever I go!

You hold all the pieces together, You bring me strength in the desert. Oh, You defend my soul, You defend my soul. No height, no depth, no grave – nothing on earth can keep You away. Oh, You’re my only hope, You’re my only hope. Life and death, this truth I know…

Repeat Chorus to end.”

🎶WHEREVER I GO by Dan Bremnes

Watch & listen here:

#worshipHymn #singanewpsalm #psalmmyheart

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