Living Word

I have been a ferocious word reader since kindergarten, and it would have been earlier but I couldn’t read until then. I did ask people to read to me a lot as a toddler though. 浪

I was once asked why I read so much. I think in part it was a natural consequence to being the child of two avid readers who modelled reading every night before bed, in part a coping strategy to being lonely as a child, and in part because I love to learn.

I find reading thrilling, relaxing and informative all rolled into one.

But no book is quite like the Word.

Because the Word comes alive in ways that no other book could compete with. Not even Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, L.M. Montgomery or Louisa May Alcott, my constant companions growing up.

The Word actually becomes a part of you if you let it. It’s invitation is clear: to come, encounter the Living One, and be changed for the better on the journey you will start taking with God – Abba Father, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit.

The Word cuts through the chains of bondage, reveals deep rooted lies, and highlights the wrong we try to hide within. Yet it also restores what was lost, binds up what was broken, heals what has been hurt, and pours out the unconditional love every one of us searches for.

So my go to most mornings is the Word. Because I need to come fully alive in the wee hours before work, and nothing quite opens your eyes like living Truth.

The Psalms & Gospels are my most read books in the Word, followed by Ruth, Esther & Isaiah 61. How about you?

#psalmmyheart #wordnerd #bookworm #writeHER

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