What to do after you face off against your self

When you make a change in how you think, the next step is literally the most important one. Are you gonna get off the usual train of behaviour, and start walking in a new direction… Or keep on the familiar ride you were used to?

Friend, it isn’t safe for us, being on that train of self. It not only takes our eyes off of how we are meant to do life together in community, and lean on one another when needed, but it skews our minds and feelings to be the sole centre of our world. Which we aren’t.

We are meant to be weak, for we are stronger together. And weak vessels need their Maker, moment by moment, day & night, for refilling, reshaping and repurposing.

If like me you recently made the choice to make a major change. Just take the next step today, friend. Tell a close friend or wise mentor. Pray with them about what that next step should be. Then invite God to help you step off that comfy train, and hit the road with Him beside you. Nothing beats going forward together!


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