Coming Home

The first time I entered, I felt I was home.

You may think I mean my house, but that isn’t the case. It was the first time I walked into the church I am now a part of.

🎶”I’m coming home to the place where I belong…”

“Coming Home” by Daughtry

Now I had felt welcomed in pretty much every church I have ever walked into, but this time was a sense of being home. That this was where God & I were going to go deeper & further as I let go of religion, tradition & stubbornness as I move even closer into His embrace.

I imagine this is part of the sensation the prodigal son would have experienced as he headed home to his father. Except, he had known that feeling of home before he left. I had only had glimpses of it over the years.

It’s time to answer His call, friend, to come home. To discover He is your Home.

🎶”Drop all you’ve heard & listen
All of the lies, forget them
O come and see, see for yourself
There is a truth that’s hidden
There is a love that’s different
Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find
He is calling.

(Chorus) He’s chasing you and never will stop. You are everything that He wants.

There’s a pursuit that’s happening
He’s after you for one thing
He wants your heart, nothing else will do He is calling.

Repeat Chorus X2

Come running to the arms of the Father, leave everything behind
There’s rest in the arms of the Father
no matter who you are

For all the broken hearted
For those who have no hope
For the angry and the too-far-gone
He says come home
For the sinners by the wayside
For the people no one sees
For those who have been running
Oh, He’s saying come home to Me!”

by Eleventh Hour Worship

Listen & watch here:

#comingHome #sharingHope

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