Last thought for the week – being built

“We can only build that which is being built in us.”

Pastor Fred Reid, Northridge Salvation Army

I come alongside the lonely, hurting & broken because that’s what I was when God found me – shattered within. It isn’t easy to closely walk beside someone without having experienced some of what they  are going through, although we can do all things with God’s help.

I believe God can rescue, restore & rebuild because He has & continues to do so in me.

And I can offer that hope to those who need it because God has been that Hope to me.

I pray for each person I encounter that God would bring the best fit as a mentor, counselor & guide, in addition to Holy Spirit, as we often need a physical hand to help us through.

For we are designed to help build one another up as He does with us.

And Jesus put on flesh in order to show us that was, and is, possible! So thankful for that amazing truth!

For often, what is rebuilt and restored becomes better than the original, as is the brilliance of His Kingdom. Leaving us better than after His touch!


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