Quote & ponderings

I am not everyone’s cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. And I get that.

But there are still ways to honor someone even if they aren’t.

I recently publicly & painfully experienced where someone deliberately chose not to do so. And it stirred my Viking rage 😠 within me something fierce until I just wanted to scream & attack back in self defence, from the lows of an already very difficult season.

Last night, God fought that battle for me without me being aware by raising up the right person to do so on my behalf. 😭

So I am able to let it go & move forward with a slightly deeper faith & confidence in the One who continues to prove, over & over, that He’s got my back. 🙌

If God’s gone to battle for you, post a ⚔️ in the comments, so I can join you in thanking Him for His faithfulness. 🙌

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