In case you moosed it…

In case you moosed it, winter’s back. And although it is beautiful and majestic at times, it isn’t my favorite time of year. Honestly, I find it dreary, dark & depressing most days.

And although the Christmas story speaks of wonder filled hope and joy, it also contains some very real people and a ton of varied emotions. It showcases humanity, in all its highs and lows.

When I have a bluer day than usual, I draw comfort from the truth that it isn’t gonna be 400 years until God shows up in my story, unlike the last of the Old Testament and the start of the New.

Good news. For the hurting, the lonely, the broken; the outcasts, the underdogs and the elite alike.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Christmas story really says this season, so we don’t moose anything we need to embrace on the journey.

XO, Karla

#sharingHope #GoodNews

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