What, Lord? Zechariah & Elizabeth

As we start to take a look at the Christmas story, we are introduced to a couple in Luke 1, Priest Zechariah & his wife Elizabeth. They are referred to as righteous, faithful followers of God.

And yet, they suffered through childlessness in a time where children were the visible sign of being blessed as a couple. But especially Elizabeth, as the text mentions she was unable to conceive.

These words don’t express the emotion of loss – of their dreams, their expectations, their hopes; the stretching of their relationship, and likely their walk with God as they navigated not having children. The text also refers to them as being very old, as if they should have moved on and laid that dream down.

Then something miraculous takes place when Zechariah is chosen to enter into the presence of God within the temple, and burn incense.

And God sends an angel with the good news that Elizabeth is to bear a son.

Zechariah’s reaction, essentially “What, Lord?” is his honest reaction to unexpected news, when the rekindling of an impossible dream encounters the God of the anything is possible.

Because of his response to the angel, Zechariah is struck speechless until the good news arrives.

Imagine Elizabeth’s initial reaction when he finally returns home, and she becomes pregnant! The word would spread like wildfire that not only are this older couple still active in the bedroom, but they are about to have a miracle baby! (Echos of Abraham & Sarah’s story here, yes?)

There are days where I need this kind of reassurance. That God sees all that I am experiencing, and has good plans in store for me, even when I can’t see them in the midst of my unclear journey. How about you?


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