While shepherds watched their flocks by night…

As we take another look at the Christmas story, we are introduced by the writers to one of the most miraculous parts of this unfolding drama.

🐑The shepherds. Which back in those days, would have been the youngest of the families who owned the flocks, which included their young daughters.
Rachel (wife of Jacob) and Zipporah (wife of Moses) are two examples of girls who were shepherds to their family flocks.

Doesn’t that fact change the story a bit for you? It did for me, being a gal. In these times of Israel, women were low on the respect list, but especially if they were unmarried.

Then throw in the fact that the shepherds lived outdoors with their flocks 24/7, and would carry their aroma from the close proximity.

So not only are these almost the lowest, just above the lepers, in terms of community respect, but they were outcasts. Accepted only for the job they do, keeping the sheep safe from harm.

And it is to these shepherds that the Good News was shared first. The overlooked ones. By not only one angel, but an angelic chorus!

To the least of these the mightiest was announced and the loveliest of sights was beheld.

There is a place for each of us in the Christmas story. The lonely, the hurting, the broken, the poor, the outcast & overlooked especially.

More to come tomorrow!

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