O little town of Bethlehem…

As we keep reading the Christmas story, there are a few other folk we are introduced to…

🏨The innkeepers – because no room at the inn means ALL of them were full due to the census going on in Bethlehem. We don’t know if in part they were later arriving than anticipated because of Mary being very pregnant as they travelled there from Nazareth.
So no one innkeeper turned them away, but only one had compassion enough to offer them the stable as a roof over their heads. Which leads me to…

🍼A midwife – for in those days, dudes didn’t deliver their children! I suspect that the same innkeeper who offered them a place to stay, humble though it was, would have recommended a midwife.

🙌🏼🙌🏼Simeon & Anna – those 2 prophets had each received a word by God that they would behold the promise, the Messiah, when He was born. They had been waiting at the temple in Bethlehem ever since. When Jesus was named at the temple 8-10 days after His birth, they met Mary, Joseph & Jesus and praised God for fulfilling His promise.

🌇Bethlehem was the city of David, and very fitting that it receive the initial Good news that the Messiah, born into David’s lineage, had arrived!

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